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Reva Bloom

Reva Bloom


I am an advanced practitioner of cranialsacral therapy as well as as visceral manipulation, neural manipulation, and lymphatic drainage. I have worked with people with brain injuries, seizures, migraines, sports injuries, neck /head injuries, stroke, pelvic floor dysfunction, and emotional stress/anxiety. I treat/have treated children with autism. My studies in the field of Osteopathy have enabled me to treat a wide range of conditions.

My Bachelor’s degree from Antioch was in environmental science with a concentration on holistic health. Because of the unique work/study venue of Antiioch, I worked with Ann Wigmore (founder of the “raw food movement”) . I trained with the Alexander technique as well as being involved with the yoga community. I also worked with midwives in delivery.

While my Master’s is in early childhood education, I realized that my interests were in body work and healing- including children. While my education beyond the Master’s were equivalent to a Nautropahtic Doctor, California pre-empted the degree.

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