CranioSacral Therapy for Children

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CranioSacral Therapy for Children & Young Adults

craniosacral-behandlung aus der osteopathieFor treatment purposes I consider children to be between 1 and 9 years old.

Treatment over 9 years of age is the same as that for adults. For young people up to 16 years I request a guardian to be present and between 16 and 18 years if they are attending on their own a letter of consent from their parents or care givers.

Treating Your Child

Adaptability by the therapist is probably the most important thing when treating all children. There are many ways in which I need to adapt my techniques to treat little ones effectively.

Children often prefer to be close to their parents or carerer and so their treatment may take place either lying down, in a chair or if it’s a toddler I often find myself following them around the room and waiting for an opportunity to get my hands on them! Having some colourful toys, storybooks or jigsaws in my therapy room helps to keeps their interest and if I could ask you to bring their favourite cuddly toy or comforter with them this allows me more hands-on time.

Children often enjoy craniosacral therapy, many noticing the benefits for themselves and usually asking their parents/carers if they can come again. They are usually very eager to climb up onto the couch and find treatment very soothing.

Original Article by Jillian Aldis

Conditions CST May Help in Children

Headaches, head pain and migraine

Jaw problems

Back pain,neck pain

Joint injuries

Muscles strains, sports injuries

Asthma and breathing difficulties

Glue ear & Hearing problems related

Stress related problems

Emotional problems e.g. anger, frustration, grief.

Sleep disorders & nightmares

Learning Difficulties

Behavior problems

Clumsiness, poor concentration


Conditions CST May Help Improve or Manage, But not Resolve




Autism & Aspergers syndrome

Cerebral Palsy and other brain injries

Genetic disorders including Downs syndrome

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