Conception and Babies

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CranioSacral Therapy for Conception, Pregnancy & Birthing

Craniosacral Therapy for Pregnancy and Babies

craniosacral for a babyCraniosacral Therapy can be used before conception, for both women and men to help clear structural or emotional restrictions that may be in the way of conception, and is supportive for those who may be experiencing difficult emotions due to infertility.

From conception a baby copes with much change and development. It is influenced by everything in its environment, especially the nutritional, physical and emotional wellbeing of its mother.

During pregnancy the increasing weight of the baby, as it develops in the womb, means that the mother’s pelvis and spine has to adapt and alter its position, this can cause discomfort to the mother, which may cause her anxiety. This anxiety causes stress and is probably felt by the baby. By having regular treatments throughout the pregnancy Craniosacral Therapy can ease many of the physical and emotional symptoms. Helping the mother and baby become more comfortable, relaxed and feeling positive towards the pregnancy and the birth. Craniosacral therapy can be used right up to the early stages of labour.

When labour is initiated contractions of the uterine muscle begin. As the contractions progress and become stronger they exert pressure on the baby, usually on its bottom and sacrum (dependent on its presentation). This pressure flows down the baby and pushes its head through the fully dilated cervix, into the birth canal and then the outside world. During this journey the baby also has to twist and turn in order to fit through the top and then the bottom of its mother’s pelvis.

After the birth

The whole birthing process can be a very beautiful experience and preparation is very beneficial. Sometimes though, things don’t go as planned and the physical and emotional stress that this can create may leave the mother and baby with the effects of birth trauma. Birth trauma can be divided into two main elements, the physical forces and the shock effects. The experience of the birth process may be with us for life. It can create a pattern that the therapist can ‘listen’ to, at any age, with a light touch. Both elements can and should be treated together.

Treatment for a baby

The most common reasons mothers and fathers bring babies for Craniosacral Therapy is that the baby is suffering from colic, sleeping troubles or digestive problems. These symptoms may be present due to birth trauma and many parents report improvements after just a few treatments. During a treatment the baby remains clothed and can be done while the baby is sleeping or feeding. Initial light contact is made at the feet and treatment is then baby led. How many treatments will be needed?

How many treatments will be needed?

After an initial consultation and treatment it is usual that a few treatments will be needed. Everyone is an individual and requires treatment individual to their needs.

Craniosacral Therapy can also be supportive for the body and emotions in cases such as miscarriage, termination and hysterectomy.

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CST May Help Accomplish your personal wishes  have a newborn baby and create a family!

therapies for concieving a babyConceivably just about the most exciting occasions in a married couple’s life is the fruits of a healthier pregnancy, when they could hold their own newborn the very first time. Having said that, for numerous couples, this particular process doesn’t come simply. Cranial Sacral Therapy is helping couples, to whom conception, pregnancy and childbirth has turned into a lengthy and unpleasant process, to realize their desire.

There are several potential grounds for fertility difficulties, and in every scenario you’ll find couples where Craniosacral Therapy (CST) has improved upon as well as complemented the actual fertility process, making it faster, more efficient and minimizing stress and pain. This is applicable to partners who dealing with a medical fertility program, in addition to people who have selected to utilize other ways to help them.

How does CST work to aid in conception?

Our therapy is targeted on releasing physical stresses and tensions or lesions within the layer of tissue called fascia that encompasses all your bodily organs as well as your central nervous system. These tensions can decrease the effectiveness of your nerves – which are the primary route for transferring information throughout the body. Fascial restrictions may also affect the hormonal system which is of key significance towards the timing and maintenance associated with a pregnancy. As fascia also encompasses inner organs, which includes the womb, tensions here can lessen their functionality or capability to heal or adjust to the changes which take place during pregnancy.

Fascia may become stressed as a result of illnesses, injury surgical procedures or swelling within the body and this is a response of the body to be able to defend itself from additional injury.

CST is actually calming and gentle it improves the body’s capabilities to function properly, drastically decreases the tensions in the fascial layers of one’s body and resemblances your hormonal and nervous systems to enable them to perform at their very best. This increases the circulation of blood to all areas of your body which results in improved organ functionality, as much more oxygen can reach them. This is going to also improve your energy, further lower your levels of stress and increase your body’s capability to heal and restore itself.

While additional fascial restrictions are addressed, CranioSacral Therapy improves the actual mobility and independence of one’s internal organs to maneuver and adapt to the body’s requirements while pregnant. Place all of these improvements together with each other, and your probabilities of conceiving a child as well as reaching full term improve significantly. Treatment can be in addition to, or as an alternative of, your formal medical Fertility process.

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For us, probably the most enjoyable facets of our work is to know we’ve really helped you on your way to a happy future.

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